My first recollection of baking goes back to cooking with my Mum when I was 4 – 5 years old. My Mum would be the first to say when she got married she couldn’t boil and egg (!) but over the years and after subjecting my father to all sorts of weird and wonderful meals she became quite an accomplished cook. In turn I loved our time together working in the kitchen at weekends and during school holidays and whilst we cooked all sorts of meals what I loved more than anything was to bake and I have never lost the fascination at watching raw basic ingredients bake into a truly wonderful treat.
In recent years we have become much more aware of what and also how much we eat. Like many others I also keep an eye on the scales and try and make sure that I balance the treats with excercise, but more than anything I make sure that if I am going to have something naughty, that it is of the best quality and that I am going to enjoy it !
I have chosen the best quality ingredients, sourced locally and only use Free Range Eggs, I love fruit picking and in the summer pick most of my own fruit from Hailes Fruit Farm near Winchcombe to make into jam (look out for the Blackcurrant Jam, which has been awarded the accolade of First Prize in Broadway Produce Show, the Raspberry was awarded 2nd Prize too).
Having spent time by myself there have been occasions when I didn’t want a full `Family Size` cake and for this reason as well as the larger 2lb Loaf cakes I also bake a smaller 1lb Pound version which are perfect if it is just a treat for yourself or if as happens in our household, I want to eat Lemon Drizzle and my husband prefers an Iced Ginger Cake this way instead of 1 large cake we can have 2 different smaller ones.

As well as baking cakes and tray bakes I also bake speciality Birthday and Wedding Cakes. Mostly this has been for friends and family and for me the most important thing is to make not only a beautiful tasting cake, but to ensure it is personalised for the person it is being made for. Examples of these can be seen on my website and if you have an idea you would like made into a cake do please ask. My `signature` is the attention to detail so the more notice I have the more detail I can put into a cake so please bear that in mind.


In the first 12 months of baking the most popular cakes have been the hand decorated minature iced fruit cakes. In 2014 I used the same recipe to make Christmas cakes and sold out 2 weeks before Christmas. As you can see from the pictures they vary hugely in size and design from the simple to the most elaborate. This year I will be selling them at the Broadway Food Festival on Sunday 13th September 2015 and the late night Christmas shopping evenings in Broadway on the Friday 27th November and Friday 4th December 2015.